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Do the projects, programs and portfolios your company chooses to execute help to achieve strategic goals? Or are they chosen to put out today’s most pressing fire? Does your organization have the capabilities to effectively implement your strategy?  Project Management Maturity can help your organization bridge the gap between strategy and projects.

One of the top challenges for business today is to convert strategic objectives into results, and be nimble enough to adapt to changing customer demand and competitor’s moves. Projects are the natural means to deliver results in a changing world. Organizational project management applies knowledge, tools, and skills to manage the multiple dimensions of project activities in a controlled and repeatable fashion. It echoes the organization’s business strategy and helps assign important resources to the activities that will most impact financial results. Organizational project management maturity provides a competitive advantage.

                                           Maturity is assessed across multiple dimensions and stages of development.  This provides the organization with detailed information on the use of best practices, and supports decisions on where improvement is most needed.

Phase One: Prepare for Assessment - This requires an understanding of organizational project management and detailed best practices.

Phase Two: Perform Assessment – Next, compare the organization’s present state to capabilities that support best practices. 

Results of the assessment may lead to improvements, a repeat of the assessment, or exiting.

Phase Three: Plan for Improvements – Analyze the capabilities the organization does an does not exhibit, prioritize them by importance, and develop a specific plan for improvement through training, coaching, and implementing standardized tools and techniques.

Phase Four: Implement Improvements – Execute the activities needed to increase organizational project management maturity.

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