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Why do most change projects fail? Not because of technical difficulties with a new system, but because the people in the organization do not embrace the change. This course focuses on managing the people aspects of change projects. Here, participants will learn how to analyze, design and implement the people side of change projects.

As a result of attending this class, participants will be able to:
> Identify the roles in change management
> Establish a shared need for change
> Create and communicate a change vision
> Mobilize commitment among stakeholders
> Deal with resistance to change
> Manage stakeholders
> Build and execute a communication plan

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1. Defining Change Management Model – Define change, change management, why change projects fail, and a model for designing and implementing change projects.

2. Change Management Roles – Explore the different roles needed on a change project, and the skills that make a good change leader.

3. Creating a Shared Need – Ensure the people in the organization understand the urgent need for change.

4. Envisioning the Future – Move from a business vision to a change vision that explains the what and why of the change project.

5. Mobilizing Commitment – Identify and manage stakeholders, analyze the sources of resistance and how to overcome it, and develop a communication plan.

6. Ensuring Change Lasts – Identify the systems and procedures needed to ensure implemented changes become embedded in the daily lives of the organization’s people.

This class typically lasts 3 days and can be customized for your participants' learning needs and skill level.

Want to know more? You can reach Supple Wisdom LLC at info@supplewisdom.com